Our Certified Translation services

The "ITS" Translation Bureau provides nationwide services translating and interpreting from and into the world's leading languages such as English, Russian, Japanese, German etc. including Mongolian.  Areas of expertise include written and oral translation, as well as notarial translation and documents for visa. Our translators are licensed and qualified professionals who have about a decade of combined experience in various subjects including legislation, business, finance, environment, agriculture, construction and tour. Also, we provide licensed and accredited interpreters for various legal and social events. Our translation services following: 

Certified written translation of:                                                      Oral translation for: (depends on hour and minute)                Notarial certified translation with a seal

  • - Legal or official documents                                                                     - Small seminars and Business meetings 
  • - Business and commercial documents                                                      - Court hearings and Trials
  • - Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights                                                      - Instructions and Technological instructions
  • - Educational credentials as diploma                                                         - Conferences and Int'l meetings
  • - Projects and presentation                                                                      - On site and Telephone conferences                                                                                     

As well as, we keep following principles on our translation services:

QTranslation Quality
Translation quality is our objective and priority. We pay attention to our skills of translating and interpreting due to the translation quality depends of human and technical resources. Also we cooperate only with highly qualified translators with work experience of at least 5 years.

PCompetitive pricing policy
Our bureau keeps soft discount system. For constant clients and clients with a large order, urgent and extra difficult orders are discussed in an individual manner. We try to make our cooperation pleasant in all aspects, that is, why we always provide our clients with an opportunity to save money.

RResponsibility and Trustworthiness
Our translators bear ethical and contractual obligations to their clients and employer. And we are in business of translation many years and have wide experience translating and interpreting in all fields. So, our experience and accuracy are true actions toward our clients.

CConfidentiality of information
Confidentiality of information for translation documents, is guaranteed by the strict policy of internal security of the bureau. All members of our bureau are undertaking a written non-disclosure agreement for all information of the translation details during their translation process.

Language training service 

We also provide language training courses of Mongolian for foreigners, English, Japanese, Russian and French for local learners, based on own human resources. Our translators have got teaching licenses completing proper schools. You can see detailed information from Sub menu. Please see at the sub menu.

ITS Translation bureau

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