Oral Translation services

 In many meetings, seminars or negotiations where persons speaking different languages participate, oral translation may be needed. Depending on the nature of the event, there is required simultaneous, consecutive and whisper interpreting. Our bureau renders following types of oral translations:

  • Consecutive oral translation (consecutive interpretation)

In the case of consecutive translation, the person being translated speaks in paragraphs, giving the translator time to translate what has been said after each paragraph. This is appropriate for translating foreign-language presentations at small seminars and business meetings.

  • Simultaneous oral translation (simultaneous interpretation)


In the case of simultaneous translation  (also called conference translation), the translators are located in translation booths or in a separate room where they can see what is happening in the hall on a screen, and simultaneously translate the presentation with the help of earphones. In this case, two translators are used for each pair of language who works in turns.


Types  Where is needed

Consecutive oral translation (Consecutive interpretation)                       

Small seminars, Business meetings, Court hearings, Trials, Arbitrations, Instructions, Technological instructions, etc.,.      
Simultaneous oral translation (Conference translation) Conferences, International meetings of governmental and non-governmental organizations, Business meetings for cooperation, etc.,.   
 Telephone  Communications which are not able to meet face to face  
 Tour guide  Tourism

When ordering oral translation services one must always take into account that for a successful performance at least a three-week prior notice, preferably even a month's advance notice, of the event is required. Client should be as dutiful as possible in ensuring that the authors of presentations would send their reports by a given deadline and provide interpreters with necessary materials at least five working days before the event is due. In case of easier speeches or texts, two-three days will also be sufficient. In that way the interpreter can ensure best results, for there is enough time to go through the subject of presentations, the terms used, the speaker's language use and other relevant details. With the lack of presentation related information provided in advance, interpreters may ask a higher price for the conference interpretation. If you have any questions related to this service, please feel free to call us.

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