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Our written translations remain the backbone of “ITS” Translation bureau. With over a decade of translation services experience, the “ITS” Translation bureau has gained an industry-wide reputation as being one of the fastest, most accurate and cost-effective written translation vendors around. Our translators have the relevant experience in the subject matter of translation so as to render accurate translation of your documents. Our Bureau has translated various documents of 35000 pages for people and legal entities of Mongolia and other countries since the bureau was founded.. You can send us your documents in following formats such as MS Word, Excel or PDF. We will translate it into the target language and format of your choice and send it back to you within agreed time. 

And we offer high quality written translation services by specialized professionals for following fields:




Business &Commercial translation                                                                                                                                    

 Business letters and correspondences/ emails, Sales copies, memos, conference speeches, agendas, invoices, product introductions, fact sheets, custom declaration, packing list, purchase order, sales brochures, certificate of origin, inspection certificate, etc.,.      
Legal translation Registration documents, Articles of Incorporation, Company formation documents, Legal texts, Contracts, agreements, Cpoyright, Patent and Trademark, License agreements, Court decisions, Litigation associated with documents, Civil and Criminal cases' documents, Arbitration documents, Law drafts, Legal projects' documents, Legal conclusions, Official letters to administrative organizations and others, Immigration and Naturalization documents, etc.,.    
Financial translation Financial and tax statements, Balance sheet-summaries and detailed statements, Financial analysis reports, Annual reports of financial institutions and banks, Conclusions of auditors, Bookkeeping records, Insurance documents, Economic reports, etc.,.    
Project translation  Project and Tender documents, Invitation to tender, tender notices, Service Proposals, Project Forms, Terms of Reference, Technical specification, Submission documents, Expert conclusions, Design drawing, et.,.  
Environmental translation  Environmental impact assessment, Environmental management, Environmental protection plan, Air pollution control management, etc.,. 
Social & Educational translation   Projects, international and national programs intended for development, education and social welfare of children and youth, etc.,.
Culture&Entertainment translation  Cultural contents, projects, entertainment programs, TV shows, and Memorandum, cooperation for Sports, etc.,.   
Technological translation Technological translation includes wide sectors of science: Science technology, Industrial technology, Infrastructural technology, etc.,. 
Automotive& Technical translation   Automotive documents, custom invoices, auto products' introductions, lubricant oils, oil products and auto parts, etc.,.  
Website translation  Website projects 
Notarial translation   Educational certificate and diploma, certificate of marriage and birth, driver license, Medical exam, Power at attorney, Certificate of  Ownership for property, State registration certificate of legal eitity, Articles of incorporation, Financial and Tax statement, Copyright, Patent, Trademark, References  
 Other  All documents may be required by notary, etc.,.


Price:-The pricesfor translations are quoted individually and based on the required language pair, importance (urgent), volume and level of complexity. 
Cost:- Our written translation cost- is calculated at a per page or a per a word. 
Text complexity: - the cost of complex technical, medical or science-related documents can be more expensive than for general business correspondence. 
Source document format: We can handle only MS Word, Excel or PDF formats. If your source is a JPEG, it is ok. But the text on the JPEG should be visible clearly. However, in order to receive the lowest rate per word, please send us your documents in MS Word format. 
Format for the target document: We can deliver translated documents in MS Word or PDF formats and layout, but document conversion can come at an additional cost.
Please feel free to submit documents requiring translation to us. Submission can be done via below e-mails to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;   /click on e-mail address/

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