Our Translators

Our bureau has full time translators of popular languages and contractual translators of non-popular languages in Mongolia. Our translators have wide experience for many years of translating and interpreting works on business field. They follow their principles should be followed on the translation services such as translation quality, competitive price, confidentiality, responsibility and trustworthiness in the bureau. Among our translators' team there aren't only Mongolian, there are specialized foreigners who live in Mongolia and abroad. All our translators completed Mongolian and foreign universities as B.A and M.A degrees in linguistics and other faculties. We are open to cooperate with national and foreign translators who have experience of translation work. We pride ourselves on providing translation services and on contributing to social and economic progress.

Cooperation with a translator

We are pleasure to cooperate with translators and interpreters. Please ask detailed information of cooperation in translation works from us. 




ITS Translation bureau

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